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Validation of peptide-spectrum matches from mass spectrometry-based immunopeptidomics experiments integrating both database search metrics and MHC interaction/presentation predictors into the discriminant function.

This projet is in development. More information will be added soon.



A reporting pipeline for visualization and quality control of immunopeptidomics MS data.

MhcVizPipe is intended for rapid assessment and comparison of general sample quality and composition across a single or multiple files. Example use cases of MhcVizPipe are assessment of QC samples or comparison of samples during method development.

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Tool for the analysis Mass Spectrometry (MS) data in the context of immunopeptidomic analysis for the identification of hybrid peptides and the predictions of binding affinity of all peptides using 'netMHCpan' <doi:10.1093/nar/gkaa379> while providing a summary of the netMHCpan output. 'RHybridFinder' (RHF) is destined for researchers who are looking to analyze their MS data for the purpose of identification of potential spliced peptides. This package, developed mainly in base R, is based on the workflow published by Faridi et al. in 2018

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