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Maxim Isabelle, PhD

Mass Spectrometer Platform Manager

Following undergraduate and master studies at Sherbrooke University, Maxim completed a PhD with Dr Guy Poirier at the research center du CHU de Québec of Laval University. During his training, he provided groundwork for a system-wide modeling of the poly(ADP-ribosyl)ation  metabolism and the scaffold of associated protein under DNA damage condition. Afterward, he developed an expertise in mass spectrometry as a principal investigator at Endoceutics followed by a senior scientist position at CellCarta (formerly Caprion). He joined the CHU Sainte-Justine research center as the manager of mass spectrometry platform in March 2021.

Jérôme Despault, B.Sc.

Master Student

Following a 15-year long career as a Chef in some of the most prestigious hotels in Canada Ritz Carlton and Sofitel, Jérôme made a drastic change in his career and completed his B.Sc. in Microbiology and Immunology at The University of Montreal from 2017 and 2019. Jérôme was recruited to the Caron Lab at the CHU Sainte-Justine Research center in September 2019 as a master’s student and his role will be to determine the role of the Immunoproteasome in the generation of spliced peptides and to implement workflows for quantification of MHC-1 cell surface abundance.

Peter Kubiniok, PhD

Research Assistant

Peter finished his PhD in the group of Dr. Pierre Thibault during the summer of 2018 after working in the field of Mass Spectrometry for 5 years. He has vast experience in the generation and analysis of large scale proteomics datasets, affinity purification and chemical proteomics. Peter is now working on the bioinformatic analysis of large immuno-peptidomic datasets to understand the mechanisms by which peptide antigens are formed. 

Laura Wessling, B.Sc.

Years in the lab: 2019/2020
Student intern

I completed my Bachelor of Science in Biology in Tuebingen, Germany from 2016-2020 and have been in Etienne's lab since January 2020 for a four month internship and be part of a current research project. ​
For my bachelor thesis I worked in Tuebingen in the Department of Immunology under the supervision of Hans-Georg Rammensee and Stefan Stevanović. The topic of my bachelor thesis was the establishment of a high-throughput method for the purification of HLA ligands. ​

Qing Ma

Years in the lab: 2019

Position in the lab: COOP summer student

Current position and location: MSc student in Computer Science, University of Ottawa, Canada


Paul Drogaris

Years in the lab: 2019

Position in the lab: Director of the mass spectrometry platform

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